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History of UK Lottery:


On the 19th of November 1994, one of the greatest Lottery draws was launched, the UK Lottery, with a massive £5,874,770.00 Jackpot size. As the popularity of the game became greater, it extended to a second draw which was implemented on the 5th of February 1997. Since then, the UK Lottery is now drawn on Wednesday evenings and Saturday evenings, a name change occurred in 2002 from the National UK Lottery to the 'Lotto' simply put.UK Lottery drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday night at 29h00 BST. The UK Lotto draw is broadcast live on BBC One. UK National Lottery

How To Play The UK Lottery:

In order to play you would need to select 6 numbers from a selection of 49 numbers, it is known as a 6/49 number format. There are no other numbers to select like the [insert lotto here]. In order to win the jackpot, you would need to have all 6 numbers drawn from the evening of the draw with a valid ticket, which you can buy UK Lotto tickets online.

An additional ballis drawn to ad a bonus ball to increase your chances to win, this ads an extra tier to the winning numbers. The Bonus ball is automatically drawn, so you would not need to select it, its all on chance. The UK Lottery provides players with good odds of winning. There are a large amount of people who take part in the draw. The UK Lotto seldom rolls over for more than 1-2 weeks meaning that it pays out more than most other international lotto draws. The UK Lotto is one of the most popular lotto games in the world.

UK Lottery

UK Lottery Rollovers and Record Jackpots:

The UK Lottery has a 4 rollover cap, which means after it has rolled over 4 consecutive times the lotto amount is reset. There have only been a few triple rollover draws in the history of the UK Lotto which can result in huge winnings like the £42 million rollover jackpot which occurred the 6th of January 1996. On occasions, the UK Lottery organization would hold a UK Lotto Superdraw which would result in the jackpot being set at a specific amount regardless of rollovers or ticket sales.

The biggest ever UK Lottery jackpot was a record £42 million double rollover on Saturday 6th January 1996.

UK Lottery Prize Tiers:

There are a total of five prize tiers with all except the 3 number matches receiving a percentage of the total prize fund. Higher prize funds or a lower amount of winners will result in higher prizes for each of the tiers.

Funds are divided up after payout of 3-ball winners:

Matching NumbersPrize
3 numbers £10 per winner
4 numbers 22% of remaining fund
5 numbers 10% of remaining fund
5 numbers and bonus ball 16% of remaining fund
6 numbers 52% of remaining fund



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