Playhugelottos.Com Adds Some Italian Flavour To Its Range Of Products!

Fantastico! Magnifico! Eccelente! The Italians have many words to describe all things positive. In our business, the one positive word we love to hear the most is SuperEna. It rolls off the tongue like Ferrari, Versace and Botticelli.

SuperEna is the given name of one of the world’s highest paying lotteries. SuperEna is the Italian lottery that excites the hearts and minds of the world’s most passionate people three times a week. And now you can take part in the excitement of it all. Bellisima! Beginning next week, lottery player such as yourself from around the world will have access to the action through, the latest exciting offering from the fold. Let’s go through some of the salient points so you can get a better understanding of why we are as excited as the Italians: 1. The playing procedure of the SuperEna lottery is very similar to that of the UK lottery in that it is based on a simple six number selection. Six winning numbers are drawn, along with a bonus number (referred to as the Jolly Number). The fundamental difference is that your selection is made from 90 numbers. For this reason, the odds are lengthened, but the happy consequence of this is that the jackpots often grow to vast amounts, and let’s be honest, we are all in it to win massive jackpots. 2. The six winning numbers are made up of the first-drawn unique numbers from the regional lotteries of Bari, Milan, Rome, Palermo, Florence and Naples (not necessarily in that order). In the event of a common first-drawn number, the second drawn number from that city’s lottery is used. 3. SuperEna was first played in Italy on 3 December 1997. Drawings take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The jackpots won are among the largest in Europe, often reaching over €,50,000,000. 4. The largest jackpot so far is €100,756,197.30 ($128,000,000) which was recently won on October 23, 2008. 5. The initial jackpot of the game starts at €1,300,000 which will rise on rollover until it is won. At present, there is no limitation to either the size of the jackpot or the amount of rollovers that can take place. 6. There are five payout categories: Match 6(Jackpot), Match 5 + Bonus, Match 5, Match 4 and Match 3. Payout amounts for each category vary according to the prize pool. This exciting addition to our product offering is creating quite a buzz among our players, so why not have a dip at Buona fortuna!


Posted by NBp4enOC (16/06/2009)

lucky first time from this text to Gods ears

Posted by Ildefonso (16/06/2009)


Posted by Xqp2 (17/06/2009)

Hope I could win this one!!!

Posted by ClJPQLmN (18/06/2009)

exciting! - *Love Gratitude & Respect *maryanne

Posted by Siva (19/06/2009)

Nice to have the additional jackpot option.There are more reasons to play now. Thanks for Playukinternet team!

Posted by Harshall (22/06/2009)

Hi, If the Superena selection is of 6 numbers then why do the winning results show 7 numbers?

Posted by Rrlpq1 (22/06/2009)

How many tickets must I buy in one game to receive a free voucher?

Posted by SB-F8 (22/06/2009)

@HARSHALL - The seventh number is the bonus ball drawn. One cannot select this number, it is applied to the top two prize tiers.

Posted by Georgina (17/07/2009)

woooohoooo! i have a feeling this could be it. fingers crossed!

Posted by LISA (19/07/2009)

i want to won big price

Posted by Bqzsn (20/07/2009)

eish... I need this one big time

Posted by AndzWx (1/08/2009)

What is the point of posting this page in Afrikaans if you are not going to sub edit it? Thirteen typos guys!

Posted by Mario Arcadio (23/08/2009)

En verdad creo sinceramente que falta tiempo y justicia divina para entregar un premio tan suculento a solo una persona con la pobresa que tenmos en el MUNDO

Posted by Joseph (4/09/2009)

Winning is incidental or by luck ? A research is necessary ! Joseph Thomas

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